Every human created by God was put here on earth are destined to do great things.  As stated in the Book “Destined for Great Things” by Dr. Mia Merrit, “Both success and failure are the result of habit.  Successful people practice habits that failure minded people do not like to practice.  Good habits will never produce bad results.  Bad habits will never produce good results.  Only a habit can overcome another habit.”

Many people achieve success through trial and error which means for many wealth and stability come later in life. The Youth Master Mind program operated by the International Mastermind Association is designed to assist youth to create a foundation of good thought patterns, good habits and good life styles which will improve the quality of their lives from the beginning and lead to a quality of life beyond the present scope of their imagination.

Success comes to those who become success conscious.  Therefore, the Youth MasterMinding Program is based on principles espoused in the Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.  The youth participating in the program will work with a team of functioning and consistent adult MasterMinders to learn:

  • The Starting Point of all Achievement
  • How to Develop Belief in the Attainment of Written Goals
  • The Ability to Overcome the Habit of Quitting When One is Overtaken by Temporary Defeat
  • The Ability to Develop the Imaginative Faculty of the Mind
  • The Ability to Harness the Imagination and Create Practical Plans of Action
  • The Ability to Consistently Implement the Plan of Action
  • Learn the difference between Leaders and Followers
  • How to plan ahead to enjoy a for filled life free of stress through planning and preparation
  • The Power of Writing down your desires and developing the plans for them to manifest
  • How to save and plan early for a secure financial future

Our overall goal is to assist youth to effectively operate in the ten (10) primary areas of their lives: spiritual, personal, health, financial, business/career, family, civic, recreational and creativity. It is important to note that this program may not be for everyone, but it is for everyone that is ready to operate in faith, persistence and determination to remain on the path until they get whatever they are seeking. Each Youth MasterMinder will participate in a group of their peers in regular meetings, periodic trips and/or conferences.


Think and Grow Rich Youth/Family Accountability Mastermind
Weekly Meeting

Join us every Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm ET for our Youth Accountability Mastermind meeting, where youth and families connect on the teachings of Napoleon Hill’s best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich and check in weekly to share and keep each other accountable for achieving goals. 

Meetings are held virtually on Zoom.

Participation is free and meeting details will be provided once you’ve completed the registration.

Our youth program is designed to provide participants with the personal-development and self-improvement skills they need to cultivate and foster a positive mindset, self-awareness, mental focus, confidence and the knowledge and information they will need to succeed in all areas of their lives.

The International MasterMind Association has embarked upon a mission that will change the present direction of our youth, reinstate their own self worth and desires for a better way to live the life they dream of.  Persistence and accountability are essential on the part of the participating youth.  Support and participation is essential on the part of the  parent/guardian.

Our Youth Master Mind Group is International and different groups do different things in different ways, but we are all seeking the same goal to change the direction of our youth.  The Miami Chapter is the initial Youth Mastermind Group formed under IMA.  The Miami Chapter serves as the Model for all the other groups that have started in other Cities and States.  Once you have determined if this is for you please click on the application tab fill it out and become a member!! We look forward to serving you and having you to be a part of our elite Master Mind Youth group.  It is important that parents be a part of any youth membership, they must participate with the Youth Master mind Group in their City in order for any youth application to be accepted.

It is our goal to be the premier organization for youth leadership and overall growth.   We believe that we have a workable, duplicate able plan, which will make all the difference in our youth today to ensure a promising future for us all.