IMA‘s membership consists of a wide range of men and women of all ages.  Some of our members are in their 70’s and working on their dreams goals and aspirations on a daily bases. Our members have one thing in common, unlike average people, they have an increased ability to think outside the box.  These go-getters are self motivated and determined to create the life they want verses the life circumstances would expect them to have.  Our members are from multiple cities throughout the world as well as from an array of economic and educational backgrounds.

Each member is invited to gleam from IMA’s masterminding process the level that works best for them.  Those levels are as follows:

IMA’s Executive Level is perfect for the movers and shakers who want to surround themselves with leaders, business owners and CEO’s they can gleam from. Talk about iron sharpening iron, this is the level for you because you understand and appreciate the financial benefits of having a one-on-one coaching session with a successful master minder and opportunities to attend intimate retreats with other high level professionals. It is easy to lose yourself in your successes, however IMA offers you an opportunity to have a balanced successful life while you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

IMA’s Professional Level is attractive to motivated men and women seeking the assistance of an action oriented structured plan that provides results and the assistance of others go-getters who can encourage you to reach your goals.  This member wants to be with people who are progressive and focused on getting more out of life.  If you appreciate being surrounded by like minded people who will hold you accountable for advancing your life this is your level of choice.

IMA’s Youth Level provides educational components not offered in school to youth ranging from four (4) years old to high school graduation.  IMA provides the perfect foundation for a young person who is open to being a self-starter and developing skills that will alter their lives forever.  These well rounded planners learn to design their lives in areas like careers aspirations, advancing educationally, civic involvement, understanding and utilizing finances – investments and saving, etc. We take pride in providing our youth with the tools needed to build their lives before they start living their lives.

International MasterMind Association is an ideal organization for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.  Only you can determine which level is best for yourself.   One thing for sure, when you  commit to creating the life you truly deserve you’ll be glad you did no matter which level you chose.